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Legal Resources from Attorney Jodi Switalski in Michigan - switalski-short-hairJodi Switalski has served as a metro Detroit felony prosecutor with an impeccable trial record before serving as Magistrate in the 45th District Court then being appointed to the bench by the Governor of the State of Michigan. 

She served as a judge in the District Court but also graciously accepted cross-assignments to the Circuit Court Family Division.  Prior to working as a prosecuting attorney, she worked in the medical and treatment fields, law enforcement while focusing her education (undergraduate, graduate and even her law degree) on issues surrounding interpersonal violence, mental health and substance abuse.  Issues that with increasing frequency, are impacting our lives, families, workplaces and more.  She has worked for over 25 years in the field of juvenile law in varying capacities and understands the impact of trauma, attachment and family dynamics as we age.  And while serving on the bench, she operated and/or founded several treatment courts including a large veterans treatment court. 

Jodi has received numerous accolades locally, around the state and even nationally including Western Michigan Cooley Law School’s first “Integrity in Our Communities” Award.  She has been appointed to numerous state committees, is repeatedly published and is a frequent guest on television, consulting and appearing in several movie shorts, to include an award-winning PBS short, “Invisible Wounds” and another pending for HBO, “Needles in the Hay.”  Her appearances have made contributions to the legal profession, the recovery community, our veterans and military servicemen and women, and many more.  A copy of her resume is available by request.

She now practices law focusing her practice on criminal and family law, risk mitigation services as it relates to workplace and medical/dental consulting surrounding the opioid and controlled substance epidemic.  Jodi fluently understands substance abuse, addiction and dependency and has become a zealous and unique advocate for individuals as they navigate their recovery while seeking remedies to legal situations that impede their progress. 

Given her diverse experiences and education, Jodi will never lose sight of the individual as client and the trust and vulnerability that they are experiencing during these difficult life changes.  She works incredibly hard to ensure that the client understands the process, is informed throughout and participates in the decision-making aspects of their case.  Perhaps most importantly, Jodi understands the costs and expense of litigation and works to provide solutions that work for the long term and not just the now.  It has often been said, “Jodi Switalski gets it!”  She “Is a warrior” and a “ferocious advocate” at times when others didn’t believe in them. 

Areas of Practice: 

  • Family Law
    • Divorce
    • Child Custody
    • Parenting Time
    • Child Support
    • Spousal Support
    • Paternity
    • Change of Domicile, Change of School
    • Post Judgment Proceedings
  • Criminal Law - all matters
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Child Protective Proceedings
  • Risk Mitigation/Legal Representation for Workplace, Medical and Dental
  • Defense in Criminal and Civil Cases Involving the Prescribing of a Controlled Substance
  • Controlled Substance Agreements, Practice Protocols
  • DDCAT Assessments
  • Drug Free Workplace Policy Updates
  • Enhancing and Vetting Employee Assistance Programs
  • Review for Administrative and Licensing Compliance, DEA Audits

For more information or for a free, confidential conversation, please feel free to contact Jodi Switalski at (248) 224-9482.
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