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5 Years Prosecuting Attorney

Significant trial experience to include capital, other felony, misdemeanor and both juvenile abuse/neglect and delinquency cases.

7 Years Former Judge

Leveraged the power of her judicial seat to make a difference, operating a highly successful sobriety and drug court, as well as founding a regional veteran’s treatment court in Michigan.

Michigan Criminal Law Attorney

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Criminal cases are so much more than just the elements of the offense - did someone "do it" or didn’t they. Justice requires a full analysis of all the facts.

Justice requires a strict and knowledgeable adherence to our Constitutional values. And you deserve an attorney with passion, expert knowledge, and proven success in all of these areas of criminal litigation. 

In seeking true justice for you, we look at all sources and explanations impacting your arrest or detention. Beyond the facts of your case, our criminal attorneys look at causation (intent to commit an unlawful act), personal history, personal trauma, mental health, the impact of traumatic brain injury (TBI), or substances on decision making and memory, and so much more. 

Why? Because as your criminal defense attorney, we must paint your full picture to the judge and/or jury. Telling your journey is powerful and effective. And having a lawyer knowledgeable and skilled in this type of assessment, plus, the ability to clearly articulate it in their allocation on your behalf, means the difference between a defense that can result in a mitigation of the outcome (even an acquittal)- or loss of your freedom.

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Notable Victories

Amy: 15-Year Felony Set Aside 

Amy made national news. A beloved, long term middle school assistant principal and 2-sport athlete in college, Amy suffered sports injuries that resulted in surgeries later in life. Like many Americans, she was legally prescribed narcotics – pain medications – and was never told of their addictive potential. Also, like over 72,000 Americans (2019), she fell victim to the disease of substance use disorder (addiction) before she even knew it. As a result, to function, she sought further pain relief, was abruptly terminated from her doctor's prescribing practices, and ended up entering the home of a student's family only to be arrested for a 15-year felony. And Amy, being the honest woman that she is, told the truth. 

Telling the truth, instead of protecting her right to remain silent, only made her case more difficult to defend. Given no consideration for her perfect history and a clean record without ANY offenses, Amy eventually pled. She feared reprisal for availing herself to trial, she needed an advocate, an expert in addiction, who can speak the language of the court. Her only chance was to ensure the judge had a complete understanding of her disease state (opioid use disorder) and its impact on decision making. 

Success in advocacy was achieved through extra work, specific knowledge, and the ability to impart that to the judge. Amy was spared any jail or prison time and given limited probation and continued recovery.  

Matthew: Case Dropped Before Arrest 

The success achieved on the front end! Matthew was being investigated for breaking and entering a home to steal marijuana. As he and his friends were allegedly leaving home, a security system sounded, and the authorities were alerted. The police asserted that he fled into the woods and later came to his home sometime early in the morning, looking to take him into custody. 

Savvy in law enforcement, prosecution, and charging decisions, I impeached the alleged information BEFORE MATTHEW WAS EVEN ARRESTED! Through my efforts, police could not prove cause to arrest, and the case was disposed of without action on the prosecutor's behalf. 

I saved this client thousands of dollars in attorney fees and costs associated with bond, countless hours in court and in preparation for trial, the stress surrounding that personally, professionally and with his family, and the potential for a permanent record that would without question impact his long-term ability to earn.  

There’s No Such Thing as an Open and Shut Case

Felony Offenses (Including Capital Cases)

  • Specializing in CSC and Assaultive Crimes
  • Drug or Substance Related Crimes
  • Theft or Home Invasion
  • Property Crimes and More

Misdemeanor Offenses

  • Drinking and Driving/Operating While Intoxicated
  • Domestic Violence
  • Traffic Offenses


  • Violations of Probation
  • Collateral Consequences of Convictions to Include License Restoration
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About Jodi Switalski: Top Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney

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How I am different? I push toward righteousness and true justice even when everyone insists I will fail. I believe in the power of human kindness and mercy especially when faced or presented with the truth. Include objective support, honest articulation and uncompromising advocacy, and positive outcomes result. 

I believe that together, attorney and client, we can make a difference in your case and ultimately your life. 

This is where the prosecutor, the judge, the legal scholar, and the advocate in me collide... all to benefit you, the person with legal challenges. I don’t see this as an opportunity to make money off of your misfortune. I see this as an opportunity to help right a wrong; an opportunity to create change an unbalanced system. You won't find in anyone else, this same combination of skills, education and experience.