You have an obligation to maintain a safe work environment and protect your employees from unnecessary risks.
As an attorney and nationally recognized expert in substance abuse and mental health, I will help you create an effective impairment policies and solutions for your workplace that protect you and your employees, while saving you money.
5 Years Prosecuting Attorney

Significant trial experience to include capital, other felony, misdemeanor and both juvenile abuse/neglect and delinquency cases.

7 Years Former Judge

Leveraged the power of her judicial seat to make a difference, operating a highly successful sobriety and drug court, as well as founding a regional veteran’s treatment court in Michigan.

Marijuana Legalization: How it Will Affect Your Drug-Free Workplace

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Wondering how to enforce a drug-free workplace with the legalization of marijuana? You’re not alone. 

It is estimated that 70% of the 14.8 million Americans who abuse drugs are employed and in the workplace, costing US business owners more than $140 billion annually. This includes the use of marijuana. So, whether you agree or disagree with the use and legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, following the election cycle in November of 2018, 33 states have legalized medical marijuana, and ten have legalized recreational use.

The first question you should be asking, “Is my business/company/workplace prepared to address the myriad of issues that this presents?”

The next question could be, “In what state is my business(es) located?” Or, “How many federal dollars do I receive?” or “Can I terminate an employee who tests positive even with a legal prescription?”

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The truth is, the Answers Are Always Changing

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With the ever-fluid state of marijuana legislation, the incongruence with Federal law, and the shifting public policy, the answers surrounding marijuana legalization questions are constantly changing. 

Two things are without fail (at this very moment): 

  1. You must have a policy regarding drug use.
  2. You should have a policy that addresses impairment and intoxication in the workplace. 

These and other key issues to assist you in creating solutions to this ever changing issue include:

  • What marijuana is and isn’t – a discussion of hemp, CBD, marijuana and more;
  • Who are the users and why – understanding the science behind the medical theory;
  • Marijuana as an addictive substance and addictions impact on the workplace, costs to the employer and more;
  • The current conflicts between State and Federal laws and the disparity that exists within each jurisdiction locally and nationally (a discussion of regional differences);
  • Shifting trends in substance abuse and the relationship with Drug-Free Workplace Policies, Employee Assistance Programs, the EEOC and more;
  • The impact of the ADA and Discrimination in the Workplace as it relates to legal prescription substances including medical marijuana;
  • Drug testing, drug testing, drug testing;
  • Status of the law and litigation (liabilities) that exist relating to substance abuse in the workplace, drug screening and failure to train and inform with recommendations to cure liabilities and reduce costs;
  • Creating effective solutions for the workplace that protect you and your employees while saving you money – the “Be the Change.”

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Drug-Free Workplace Consultation Services Available

Provide speaking engagements to executives, supervisors, employees, and more on the importance of creating safe work environments and those free from illegal prescription drug use and abuse. Engagements include a discussion of the current substance abuse epidemic in the country along with solutions for updating existing drug-free workplace policies, employee assistance programs, drug testing policies, and creating therapeutic systems of reporting. These policies facilitate a safety-conscious workplace that focuses on employee retention and confidentiality. Risk mitigation and cost savings measures are discussed throughout, along with the impact of the ADA, EEOC, current state, and national legislation and litigation trends.  

Provide ad hoc consulting ("round tables") to vet existing policies and programs, making recommendations based upon the shifting trends and existence of the often-unrecognized prescription drug epidemic.

Review and cooperatively edit current/existing policies and programs.    

Provide timely distribution of recommended best practices for compliance and risk mitigation strategies. All documents are templates and are intended for the use of organizations to be amended for use and unlimited distribution within the client's organization and its providers only. 

  • Webcast and off-site services available
  • Discount for multiple services

Round Table Discovery Sessions & Tailored Action Plans

Round table discussions are an informative, solution-oriented, and cooperative way to create systems specific to your organization. Why recreate systems on your own from the ground-up when the majority of the structure has been done for you?

Open and frank discussions with your team about opioid addiction, your current procedures, and how everyone on your team has a responsibility to uphold a safe work environment is important. Your team will leave the event with a new perspective on America's health epidemic and the role each of us plays in changing how we think about this preventative disease.

Decide Today to Make Protecting Your Future Your Priority

Don’t let your questions and concerns about the legalization of marijuana and your drug-free workplace go unanswered. 

It’s time to update policies, re-establish terms of employments, and ensure your business and your employees are educated and protected from the impact this new legislation could have on your workplace environment. 

We specialize in providing legal strategies, advice, and support for:

  • Comprehensive Workplace Analysis
  • Drug-Free Workplace Policy Updates
  • Substance Abuse/Addiction Programs
  • Drug Testing 
  • Controlled Substance Education
  • Marijuana Legalization Legislation Education
  • ADA & Discrimination in the Workplace (as it applies to prescription drugs including marijuana)
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Attorney, National Expert in Substance Abuse, Mental Health, and Violence

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As a qualified, national expert in substance abuse, mental health, and violence, I take significant interest in cases involving interpersonal violence, substance abuse, and mental health issues due to the impact on the person, the family, and the workplace. Care and consideration are taken to craft therapeutic workplace strategies, empower recovery and change, and protect the employer who is caught in the middle. My unique education and experience afford me the ability to create solutions from multi-disciplinary resources that protect you in the workplace and a court of law.

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