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When the outcome of your case relies on expert testimony, call us. Our team is qualified to provide expert opinions through knowledge, education, background, training and experience in a variety of specialized areas.
5 Years Prosecuting Attorney

Significant trial experience to include capital, other felony, misdemeanor and both juvenile abuse/neglect and delinquency cases.

7 Years Former Judge

Leveraged the power of her judicial seat to make a difference, operating a highly successful sobriety and drug court, as well as founding a regional veteran’s treatment court in Michigan.

Michigan Expert Witnesses

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When using an expert witness is part of your criminal defense strategy, turn to SLC.   
We pride ourselves in a transparent, thorough team approach that puts you in the driver’s seat of a comprehensive, fact-driven case. The enhanced knowledge we provide to your case may be able to help you reduce or eliminate your client’s charges. 

From cases involving substance abuse, mental health, and TMI, to medical malpractice and business litigation, why trust anyone less than the expert witnesses at SLC.

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Notable Cases

Dr. N.  Medical License Restored 

Dr. N had received a notice and action from the Licensing and Regulatory board of violations related to controlled substance prescribing. Dr. N was retained by counsel from a large national firm who contacted me about Dr. N purchasing the protocols and serving as an expert witness on his behalf. The point for the hearing was to show that Dr. N has engaged in new tools and systems of prescribing that would provide the administrative board and the state medical society overseeing the case with the comfort that he would not be making the same mistakes when prescribing. Not only did Dr. N quickly learn the new protocols and procedures for his office and work diligently to implement them, but his license was reinstated completely, and the Judge, along with the panel, noted the efficacy and uniqueness of the prescribing system. Further, the scientific and case support was also noted as well stated and contributed to the restoration of his medical license.  

When Your Case Depends on Expert Testimony, Call Us

At Switalski Law & Consulting, we utilize a team approach to your case. Every one of us can make recommendations and provide testimony that you can rely on; that others rely on, especially your Judge. 

Our team includes the very best and most experienced practitioners in such fields as:

  • Business Organizations and Litigation
  • Probate, Estate Planning, and Litigation
  • Forensic Accounting and Business Valuations
  • Addiction/Substance Use Disorder Specialists 
  • Nationally Recognized Custody Evaluators and Psychiatrists
  • Trauma Experts in both the Adult and Pediatric Fields
  • Mental Health and Child Development Experts
  • Employment and Labor Law Experts
  • And more!
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About Jodi

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As a qualified, national expert in substance abuse, mental health, and violence, I take significant interest in cases involving interpersonal violence, substance abuse, and mental health issues due to the impact on the family unit as a whole. My team of expert witnesses includes specialists and practitioners in every walk of life. 

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