Consulting Services

National Consultant on Prescription Drug and Controlled Substance Solutions 

For a fraction of what you would pay a lawyer to represent you in court, I can help take preventive measures to mitigate harm to your patient, your practice, your workplace, and your liabilities.

How Your Practice or Business Benefits from Jodi’s Consulting Services:

  1. Incomparable Expert Knowledge and Skill
  2. Passion for the Subject
  3. Comprehensive Approach – Combines Most Current Legal, Administrative, Statutory, Evidence-Based Research for Shifting the Paradigm of Impact and Response to Drugs in the Workplace or in Your Practice, School, Community, and more
  4. Flexible Options to Make It Work for Your Organization – Affordability, Flexibility in Scheduling, Remote Cooperative Work Production 
  5. Team Approach to Working with Medical/Dental, Workplace, School, Community, Law Enforcement and Others to Create a Comprehensive, Systems Approach to Mitigating the Impact of Legal Drugs 
  6. Solutions That Work!  
Consulting Services from Jodi Switalski - Nationally Recognized Opioid Consultant - at-a-rally(1)

Practice and Workplace Audits, Compliance Review, and Recommendations

Decide Today to Make Protecting Your Patients and Your Practice Your Priority

You chose this profession to help people. You took an oath to do no harm. Now let me help you do both.

We’re in the middle of a health epidemic and we need to do something about it. It’s time to BE THE CHANGE. You need a champion who has been successful from every angle of the law. A national expert. A Warrior.

If you’re ready to join thousands of other prescribers doing their part to stop the epidemic at its core, call me. I can set you on the path to success. 

  • Former Judge
  • Honored Attorney
  • National Expert in Substance Abuse, Mental Health, & Violence
  • Notable Keynote Speaker on Opioid Crisis, Addiction, & Prevention
The Legislation Around Controlled Substances and Legalized Marijuana is Always Changing. Let Me Help You Stay Informed and Stay Protected. Call (586) 493-9000 Now!