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These are real reactions from people who have seen my presentation or attended a workshop - the first step to preventing addiction from prescription while treating the people and the problem, is education. 

"I just wanted to write you a note and say that I am not very often impressed by people today in our crazy world-but your presentation this past Friday here in Nashville caught my attention.  From a CE standpoint, your presentation was the best I have been to in years.  Your knowledge and experience came shining thru.  Thank you!!!!"

"That being said--I wanted to say one more thing.  I greatly appreciate you using your life experiences to relate the issue in a true human form.  You talk about making a difference--well--you should you know that you are doing just that in a bigtime way!!!  Your humility and passion for this important subject is so refreshing--and you are changing lives and making a real difference.  You have been given this gift at this point in your life and take pride ---for not many can say and do what you do.  I like to call it a "God thing" or whatever--but smile and know your damn good at what you do.  You’re not doing what you do by chance--!!!"

William J. Mason, DDS

"Excellent, articulate, thorough, cerebral, scary talk this am."

James A. Slater, MD, New Canaan Medical Groups

"I, Sheriff Esco Jarnagin of Hamblen County Sheriff's Department recently attended the ETHRA Criminal Justice Conference in Gatlinburg, TN. I was very taken by the passion and wisdom displayed by (former) Judge Switalski concerning the drug epidemic. I am now educated to the fact that many addicts are the results of negligent parents, coaches, and doctors.  Dentists especially set the stage for addiction for the youth. (Former) Judge Jodi Switalski is very aware of the cause, the problem, and is determined to make a difference.  Her lecture needs to be heard by all because EVERYONE is affected by this out of control problem. "

Sheriff Esco Jarnagin, Hamblin County, Tennessee

"Including all my years of education, Bob and (former) Judge Jodi’s presentation is the most profound I've ever heard."

Steven J. Frank, MD, Professor, Deputy Department Chair, Proton Center Medical Director, MD Anderson, Houston, TX, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA, MD, General Science U.S. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, Washington, DC, Nuclear Engineer, Nuclear Engineering   

"I will say it again, the best professional development conference I have been to in my 4 years of doing this. I went to bed thinking about your presentation and it was the first thing I thought of when I woke up.  You get it."

Christy Girvan, LLMSW; High School Social Worker, Lake Orion High School; Special Olympics Coordinator

"Excellent, excellent presentation. CADCA MUST bring Jodi back next year and seriously consider placing this presentation as the Plenary or Keynote presentation. Thank you!"

Laura Adarve, M.A., Manager of Prevention & Advocacy, Latin American Community Center, Wilmington, DE

"(Former) Judge Jodi is a warrior in the front lines of the opioid crisis in medicine. She is a voice for patients, family members, prescribers, and our community. Her presentation led to a paradigm shift in our office. She presents the truth of this epidemic with a heart for protecting patients as well as providers. She is passionate about helping prescribers gain confidence with using opioids as part of an effective treatment plan while keeping patients informed and safe.  Primary care is a battle field in this drug war and she equipped us to fight to win. 

During a round table discussion, she was informative and compassionate and allowed our providers to express concerns while keeping us focused on the importance of making changes. She has a deep knowledge of the legal issues as well as of the barriers that providers face in changing their prescribing habits. (Former) Judge Jodi was encouraging without being judgmental or accusatory. She has been a valuable resource as we develop a new and solid procedure that allows us to practice excellent medicine while focusing on patient safety. With the use of her resources we have been able to advance our procedures in a way that would have been impossible without them. Any prescribing provider who wants to do the right thing for their patients and their practice in the opioid epidemic would greatly benefit from partnering with (former) Judge Jodi."

Beth Gentner, Director of Clinical Services, Fenton Medical Center, Fenton, Michigan 

"(Former) Judge Jodi's energy and compassion for her cases, and humanity itself, was so admirable.  I was certainly inspired by her conviction to make positive changes in the criminal justice system.”  

Sr. US Probation Officer Leslie Vargas (Treatment Specialist)

"Savage! "

Sr. US Probation Officer Renee Caggia (Investigations)

"(Jodi’s) presentation reminded me that our purpose and mission is to help people in need. Our clients need us to be more compassionate and understanding of what it is to struggle with addiction and the effects it has on family members as well. We can't give up on people because we never know when our assistance will change their lives."

Supervisory Officer Luis R. Gonzalez

"The training material and information was excellent, but I was most impressed with (Former) Judge Jodi's passion for the topic. She really brought an emotional connection to the presentation which really enhanced the experience. Overall, I enjoyed her perspective, and learned a lot. I have already spoken with others outside the district about the training and would recommend it to anyone in our field."

US Probation Officer Michael Liebes

"What a talented and motivating individual. Both on-task speaking to our group and later in the evening when I had the chance to speak one on one with her following our evening program. She really gets the challenges we face as officers in the field of addiction, and demonstrates how one person really can make an impact."

Sr. USPO Carolyn Johnson (Intensive Supervision)

"Her passion was infectious!"

US Probation Officer Dana Hafner

"(Former) Judge Jodi's presentation compelled officers like myself to look at the scope of opioid addiction through a different lens. Her presentation was dynamic, engaging, and powerful."

US Probation Officer Ivettelis Perez

"(Jodi) was impressive. Her knowledge of the opioid epidemic and addiction in general was profound.  Her passion for battling this horrible phenomenon was equally impressive.  It was also reaffirming that someone from the bench has such a realistic idea of what we face and do on the frontline, and offered helpful insight and practical suggestions to put in our tool box.”

Sr. US Probation Officer Steve Alfrey (Treatment Specialist)

"(Former) Judge Jodi was dynamic, on target, and one with the audience. Her presentation was to the point, timely, concise, and expertly offered."

US Probation Officer Antony Nisi

"With regards to (Former) Judge Jodi's presentation, I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Coming from a clinical/social worker background, I have taken many classes and have sat through many training's/lectures with regards to substance use/abuse and the impact that it has on society, families and the "abuser." I can say without a doubt, Judge Jodi's presentation was one of the best I have attended. Her knowledge, experience and unadulterated passion for this topic comes second to none. I was telling a few of my colleagues that I wish we had more time to hear her entire presentation. Again recalling my background, it is refreshing to know that there are people out there that understand this is not someone else's  problem, it is everyone's problem and it does not discriminate."

US Probation Officer Kelly Sullivan

"(Former) Judge Jodi’s training was moving. For the first time, I am able to recognize addiction as a “disease.” She reinforced the statement that there are three C’s in life, “choices, chances, and changes.” As an officer, we need to present our ex-felons with various options and be able to highlight both the good and bad of each choice.  We need to treat each person differently and give them a genuine chance to choose recovery despite how long or how many failures they have on their path.  Finally, we need to acknowledge that it only takes one individual to change a person’s life, so why not be that person that gives an addict a sense of purpose and courage to fight their disease. Thank you (former) Judge Jodi for encouraging us to hold ourselves liable as well and push back against one of the greatest public health issues facing our county today.”

US Probation Officer Julie Chowdhury

"I thought her presentation was eye-opening. I love how she incorporated real people and stories to get her point across. It was very moving. I hope to be able to see her full presentation at some point in the future."

US Probation Officer Laura Kellog

"... (Former) Judge Jodi [is] the best, most dynamic speaker I've ever heard in 42 years of going to medical presentations."                                                                                                                 

Quote from physician attending Medical Presentation, San Antonio, TX, 

"(Former) Judge Switalski has rapidly ascended into a position where she can become a game-changer for the prescription and illicit opioid epidemic. One hour in a casual lecture to her probation department, and I find myself in a debate with a colleague having more clinical and scientific acumen in opioid pain and addiction medicine than 95% of current practicing physicians. She will make a difference!"

Dr. Daniel Schwartz, Chief Medical Officer at JAS Genetics, LLC.

"Bob & (former) Judge Jodi, It was both a pleasure and inspiring meeting both of you.  Thank you for your commitment to educate all of us about the drug problem in our country and the part we all play in it.  This is clearly an issue that we all have to do our best to minimize."

Karen J. Williams, BSMT(ASCP), Laboratory Manager, Internal Medicine of Northern Michigan

"Jodi embraced and engaged the audience of student pharmacists and presented the cold, hard facts about prescription drug abuse in a lighthearted and education format.   She not only presented the facts she urged the audience to take responsibility as practitioners.  As a retired faculty member and a pharmacist, I can reasonably state that I know the students have not had this information presented to them nor is it part of the pharmacy curriculum. IT was a real eye opener for the audience and the student pharmacist association."

Carol A. Bugdalski-Stutrud, RPh, FAPhA, Adjunct Professor, WSU-EACPHS

"My expectations were far exceeded with this presentation. I walked away with a plethora of shocking statistics and the motivation to learn more about identifying problems and prophylactic actions pharmacists can employ. It was a very motivating and enlightening presentation, with a fresh perspective from a judge who is working on our side to ensure the best outcomes for our patients."

Bre Johnson, Wayne State University

"(Former) Hon. Jodi Debbrecht Switalski prepared and presented an interactive presentation for our student pharmacists that focused on what we can collaboratively do to improve patient outcomes and avoid addiction. Her presentation style was easily an 11 out of 10." 

Stephen Kaurala, PharmD Candidate 2016, Wayne State University, Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

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