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Now, more than ever, your practice and/or institution needs a better strategy for managing opioid therapy.

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The current opioid epidemic has resulted in increased litigation exposure for providers and hospital associations alike. Why? ...Failure to Inform, Monitor, and Document.

Doctors and hospital associations make easy targets, and in civil litigation, the fairness of the matter is not in issue. As prescription rates increase and more people die from opioid addiction, the families of those decedents are looking to hold someone responsible for "not being told about the addictive potential of their medications, and for not doing anything about it." To make things worse, those individuals have the means and the ability to litigate responsibility. Essentially, they want their pound of flesh, which means YOU and your practice are at risk!

The Switalski Informed Consent docs provide a comprehensive system for informing, documenting, and monitoring your opioid therapy treatments.

Order Informed Consent Docs from Switalski Law and Consulting, LLC. - informed-consent


If you’re using the current, state-regulated informed consent docs and CDC guidelines, it’s critical you recognize that these basic tools are NOT enough to protect you in a court of law! By implementing the more thorough consent documents and protocols that I have created, you will far exceed all statutory requirements, national guidelines, recommendations, and best practices.  

After performing 70+ consulting sessions where I work one-on-one with practices to improve their protocols and documents, and being asked as many times to write a document, I did. The research has been extensive. And all that research has been incorporated into these documents and protocols that now exceed the best practices for compliance, reduce liability for the practitioner, and create a system of care coordination and enhanced treatment protocols for the patient. They are meant to be applied to each individual practice or hospital organization based upon your demographic population, discipline, and regulations. Comprehensive education and application are essential for this program to succeed.

With the increase in litigation and administrative actions against prescribing practitioners and the continued skyrocketing rates of addiction and death, you can't afford not to have the best documentation to protect your patients and your practice.

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The Switalski Informed Consent Packages Include:

  • Voluminous resource tools, citations, documentation tools, supporting research and more
  • 30 days of limited consulting to include answering questions about the necessity of content and implementation into practice systems and patient flow
  • Notice of applicable updates or research for 1 year from the date of purchase


Your organization simply cannot afford NOT to do this. It is a matter of ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY and MEDICAL RESPONSIBILITY. If you save one case from litigation, it has more than paid for itself. And, you will have probably saved a life. Or two... Or 1000's.

To create your own documents or system of implementation would take significant time, effort, and money. My litigation experience in this area, combined with my medical background, research detail, and exposure to the efforts of 100's of other practices and institutions, would take hundreds of hours to get your team of attorneys and/or medical doctors up to speed.

Investing in the Switalski Informed Consent Documents puts you in a position to quickly implement proven systems that protect your organization and your patients.

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* Switalski Informed Consent Packages are based on the number of prescribing practitioners.

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